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问题: PC1为ubuntu的系统,网卡enp3s0,其ip是:; PC2为win10的系统,网卡eth0,其ip是:,PC2的另外一个网卡是eth1,ip是:; PC3为ubuntu的系统,网卡enp6s0,其ip是:192.168.86; 现在PC1和PC2可以互通,PC2与PC3可以互通, 请问如何分别在PC1、PC2、PC3上做路由数据,可以实现从PC1访问PC3?   解决方法: 为了让PC1能够访问PC3,你需要在三台…

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(base) root@st-desktop:~/Chinese-LangChain# pip3 install cchardet Collecting cchardet Using cached cchardet-2.1.7.tar.gz (653 kB) Preparing metadata ( ... done Building wheels for collected packages: cchardet Building wheel for cchardet ( ...…

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在我的人生中,一见钟情且两情相悦的事情,遇到过一次。也就是这一次成为我挥之不去的遗憾。 我高考完去贵阳面试回来的路上,和父亲坐了一辆长途大巴。那个年代,长途大巴上的骗局特别多。基本上就是司机和骗子同谋,几个人里应外合演一出戏——比如我当时遇见的套路就是: 一个妇女在车上“偶遇”债主,妇女说自己家人重病,声泪俱下,要求债主还钱。债主耍无赖,说要钱没有,只有随身带的一箱红塔山,要救拿去抵债。然后一堆龙套跟着起哄,建议妇女“便宜”卖掉这箱红塔山,让大家都帮帮忙,随便买几条。 这个骗局可以说剧本写得非常好。充分利用了乘客的…

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I have been confused by reading the book--The story of the world(The Modern Age, Chapter 17, The Boxer Rebellion), I doubt the writer has a mistake about that period of history, please tell me the real history, and I will use {} to include the words getting fr…

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Azula was defeated by her brother Zuko and his friend Katara in an epic Agni Kai1. She was captured and taken to a mental institution, where she was treated for her psychosis and paranoia. She hated Zuko for betraying her and taking the throne, and she hated K…

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Once upon a time, in the world of the Four Nations, there was a young girl named Azula. She was the daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and the younger sister of Zuko, the prince of the Fire Nation. Azula was a fierce warrior, with a sharp mind and an unyielding will. …

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1)先要开全局代理,尽量用原生ip代理,韩国,美国的最好 2)复制代码:window.localStorage.removeItem(Object.keys(window.localStorage).find(i=>i.startsWith('@@auth0spajs'))) 3)当页面出现not available 时, 在地址栏输入JavaScript:粘贴刚才复制的内容,回车,刷新一下页面    

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